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第九条 of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that provides:

在美国,任何人都不能, 以性为基础, 被排除在参与之外, 被剥夺…的好处, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

在上述范围内, 第九条 is about removing barriers to participation in educational programs and applies to all institutions that participate in Title IV federal financial aid. 在ManBeTx万博体育竞彩, we take this responsibility seriously and have implemented several policies and procedures meant to protect the members of our campus community from sexual misconduct and sexual violence. 在所有情况下, the institution’s goals are to stop the misconduct or violence, 预防复发, 并解决其影响. ManBeTx万博体育竞彩 prohibits sex discrimination in all forms, 包括但不限于, 性骚扰, 性暴力(性侵犯, 家庭暴力, 约会暴力或跟踪), 微分处理, 或者基于性别的骚扰, collectively referred to in our policy as sexual misconduct. 性行为不端危害精神, ManBeTx万博体育竞彩的学生身心健康, 教师, staff and visitors; as well as the safety of our community. Sexual misconduct diminishes individual dignity and impedes access to educational, 社会及就业机会. It can permanently impact lives and may cause lasting physical and psychological harm. Sexual misconduct violates our institutional values and its presence in the community presents a barrier to fulfilling ManBeTx万博体育竞彩’s mission. Therefore, ManBeTx万博体育竞彩 will not tolerate sexual misconduct in any form. Individuals who the institution determines more likely than not engaged in sexual misconduct are subject to sanctions 直至包括解雇 from ManBeTx万博体育竞彩, regardless of whether they are also facing criminal or civil charges in a court of law. 该机构, in all instances, seeks to ensure the safety of members of the campus community.


Whether you have personally experienced any form of sexual misconduct or have knowledge of sexual misconduct involving one or more members of the campus community, ManBeTx万博体育竞彩 strongly urges you to tell someone on the 第九条团队 or a Student Advisor about the incident as soon as possible (see contact information on this page). 遇到紧急情况,请拨打911. If you do not feel comfortable providing this information in person, 您也可以访问匿名举报表格. You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so the 第九条团队 can address the concern within the campus community as needed.  


定义 原告: 声称违反《ManBeTx体育滚球》政策的个人 被申请人: an individual about whom a 第九条 policy violation is made The 第九条协调员 is responsible for ensuring the uniform and consistent application of this policy and the related procedures and for ensuring incidents and allegations are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. The 第九条协调员 and the officials designated in these procedures to manage the response process have authority, 单独还是一起, to take reasonable steps to protect the campus community or any individual member of the ManBeTx万博体育竞彩 community from sexual misconduct, regardless whether such steps are explicitly contemplated in this policy or the related procedures.

该机构, 以及联邦和州法律, prohibit retaliation against individuals for raising concerns about or making reports of sexual misconduct in good faith. 没有学生, 教师 or staff will be reprimanded or retaliated against for notifying ManBeTx万博体育竞彩 about incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct in good faith or for participating in an investigation related to allegations of sexual misconduct. 该机构 will take steps to prevent retaliation and will take strong responsive action if retaliation occurs. Any conduct by a participant in an investigation that constitutes retaliation or reprisal is subject to disciplinary action, 直至包括解雇, 开除或禁止进入校园. Concerns regarding retaliation will be addressed in accordance with applicable SAOIC policies and procedures addressing retaliation. 的 2020年8月14日,星期五, 34 C.F.R. § 106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) requires an institution to make materials used to train 第九条协调员s, 调查人员, 决策者, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process publicly available on its website.  ManBeTx万博体育竞彩提供了一个培训材料的链接 Annual Training for Advanced 第九条协调员s and Deputy Coordinators 下面.



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